Overview of the Current Age

Some say the world has changed much since The Last War, while others claim that nothing has changed at all…

The Last War, which consumed the continent of Khorvaire for over a century, ended when the nation of Cyre was reduced to a desolate, dead land by unknown magical means. The peace was fragile, and many felt the toll of the Shadow War that followed, as nations and dragon-marked houses plotted and schemed against one another.

Historians may one day write that all of this ended fifty years ago, when Sigor d’Cannith assumed the throne of Karrnath, a nation nearly destroyed by the abrupt revolution and civil war, caused when King Kaius III escaped from exile and revealed his grandfather, King Kaius I, to be an undying vampire who had imprisoned him and taken his place. Both rulers were ultimately killed in the brief civil war, giving rise to Sigor d’Cannith, a dragon-marked military general for Khorvaire, rumored to be the forbidden offspring of a love affair from vying House Cannith and House Deneith, claimed by neither.

d’Cannith was declared King of Karrnath and immediately saw fit to seize control of House Cannith, which he saw as his birthright. House Cannith was only too thrilled to have the new king as their Baron, further distancing the House from the Korth Edicts, and establishing d’Cannith as the first strong contender to assume Galifar’s throne since The Last War began. d’Cannith wasted no time, launching his nation in the first act of blatant aggression since The Last War by invading neighboring nation of Aundair.

With House Cannith no longer a mere neutral supplier of war machines and men, Aundair was utterly routed, and saw little option but to surrender. It was then that d’Cannith did the unthinkable: offering Aundair it’s continued sovereignty with no loss of territory or demand for reparations, provided Aundair recognized d’Cannith as heir to Galifar’s throne and aligned itself with Khorvaire for any future military action. Aundair agreed with little delay.

d’Cannith’s actions towards Aundair had its intended effect. One by one, without additional use of conflict, the former Five Nations were offered similar deals. Wishing to avoid any losses, each of the previous surviving Five Nations, Aundair, Breland, and Thrane agreed. The Mournland of Cyre was declared a protectorate of Khorvaire, and under a special treaty, the Mror Holds of the Dwarves replaced Cyre as one of the five nations.

Having been elevated to the role of Galifar’s heir and ruler of Khorvaire in title, d’Cannith sought to end the neutrality of the dragon-marked Houses that allowed each of them to profit so greatly at the expense of the warring nations during The Last War. Each would now work only in the service of the Five Nations, and functions outside of those nations on Khorvaire soil should now be limited. Only House Thuranni objected outright, and their disobedience was met with swift action, as d’Cannith used all of his new-found forces to exterminate House Thuranni. While some may have survived the Thuranni Purge, all of its assets were returned to House Phiarlan who held original claim to them, and was early to side with d’Cannith once his demands were made.

Such has been the state of Khorvaire for the past fifty years. Galifar’s throne has its ruler, yet he rarely sits on it, preoccupied with a war against a continent to the east few of Khorvaire’s inhabits understand or know anything about. All that is known is that each nation and dragon-marked house provide forces, materials and money to the King’s overseas war. At Khorvaire itself, much is as it has been for the past 100 years. Unification is mostly name-only, as each nation plots against the other for control and an advantage, each seeking to better their standing with d’Cannith while lowering their adversaries. The dragon-marked houses are even worse, continually bickering and fighting, hoping their rivals might become the next House Phirlan if the cards are played right. Only the nations of Khorvaire outside of the Five Nations have experienced significant change, as d’Cannith has done much to ensure that they receive significantly less aid from the Five Nations and the dragon-marked houses than they used to.

This is the state of Khorvaire. This is where the Draconic Prophecy will reveal its latest verse.

Overview of the Current Age

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