Tomb of Horrors

The Tomb of Horrors is seemingly destroyed.

The Tomb of Horrors is known in legend to be the final resting spot of the world-conquerer and demigod Acererack..

Long believed to be a myth, supposedly a band of loosely-aligned mercenaries came together to discover it 50 years ago, and loot its riches. Rumor says that they were successful in destroying the final visage of Acererack, but no one knows for sure.

The employees of The Old Woman returned to it when the son of one of the original Tomb mercenaries tried to turn it into a tourist spot. Despite his best efforts to make it safe, the Tomb’s nature was hard to overcome. Much of the Tomb was damaged, however, suggesting serious fallout from the events of 50 years ago, whatever those may be.

The Tomb collapsed in upon itself after the arrival of an Ancient Red Dragon, which attempted to kill The Old Woman’s employees. For now, the Tomb seems to have been destroyed, once and for all.

Tomb of Horrors

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